War Narratives 1914-18


By Captain R.M. Grazebrook. Paperback, 85 pages plus 2 maps


This long awaited reprint of the original published in 1927 by the Gloucestershire Regimental Association tells the story of 1st Gloucesters from their arrival in France in August 1914 until December 1914, and the story of 2nd Gloucesters from their arrival in France in December 1914 until May 1915. The ferocious and bloody battles fought by these two battalions during this period are described in great detail by an officer who served with them both, who was severely wounded twice, and who was awarded the Military Cross.

R.M. Grazebrook rose to become Lieutenant-Colonel of 1st Gloucesters in the 1930s and was probably the best Regimental historian the Gloucesters ever produced. His notable contributions to the setting up of the Regimental Museum and the Regimental Archives cannot be too highly praised.

This book should be of great interest to anyone with an interest in regimental histories of the Great War and to the descendants of those who fought with the Gloucesters during the early months of that war.

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