‘In the Shadow of Lone Tree’, 10th Glosters


By Nick Christian. Paperback, 224 pages. Illustrated in black and whirte throughout. Published by Nick Christian, 2nd Edition, 2012

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Loos was a ghastly, bloody shambles from start to finish. In just a few days British soldiers fell in tens of thousands, firstly to their own poison gas and then to murderous enemy machine gun fire.

The Somme of 1916 is notorious for the massive slaughter of Britain’s New Army battalions, but it is often overlooked that it was at Loos that these untested ‘Civilian Soldiers’ first took the lead in a major battle on the Western Front.

By use of a host of vivid first hand accounts and photographs, many previously unpublished, In The Shadow Of Lone Tree graphically traces the near destruction of the British First Division at Loos, and in particular the personal ordeal of the men and boys of a New Army battalion, the 10th Battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment.

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