Virtual Talks

Saturday 3 July at 18:00 hrs  “From Pusan to The Imjin via Pyongyang with The Glosters” This talk will cover the origins of the war, the UN advance to the Chinese border, the Battle for Hill 327  and the advance to the Imjin position.

Saturday 31 July at 18:00hrs  “The Battle of the Imjin River and its Aftermath”  This will cover the Battle, the Reformation of the Glosters and the Prisoners of War.

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'Quatre Bras: The Battle and The Painting', with Chris Ryland

The Regimental Boardroom, 11am Thursday 17th September 2020

The painting ‘The 28th at Quatre Bras’ is probably one of the most recognised images of the British Army during the Napoleonic era. In this talk Chris Ryland covers the moment in the battle that the painting seeks to record and then explores the painting itself, the artist Elizabeth Thompson (later Lady Butler), and the significance of both in the History of Art. Some of the material Chris used has kindly been contributed by Ted Gott, Curator at the Melbourne Gallery of Art in Australia where the painting has hung since 1884.

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