2023 Evening Talks

Tickets for all 2023 evening talks are available now to book online by clicking here.  Tickets are £5 for non-members and £2 for members.  All talks start at 7pm prompt, the Regimental bar will be open from 6pm and seated are unreserved.  All talks take place within the Regimental Boardroom, which is an intimate setting and has a capacity of just 35, therefore it is recommended that you book early to secure your place.

1st March: 'Alexandria: Winning the Back Badge' 

with Lt Col Rob Dixon

Back Badge

5th April: ‘From Soldier to Artist’ 

with Simon McCouaig

web Simon McCouaig

3rd May: 'The Glosters in Burma: The Story of the 1st & 10th Battalions in WWII'

with Lt Col Rob Dixon

web SOGM Image

7th June: ‘On Her Majesty’s Service and at Her Majesty’s Pleasure’

with Nick Welch

Nick Welch

5th July: 'Brigadier Patsy Pagan: A Gloucestershire Hero' 

with Len Evans

web SOGM Image

4th October: 'The Poets of Gloucestershire: In War and Peace' 

with Lt Col Rob Dixon

Ivor Gurney

1st November:'The Roads to the Armistice: The Gloucestershire Regiment in the last weeks of the First World War' 

with Michael Orr

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On Demand Webinar

'Quatre Bras: The Battle and The Painting', with Chris Ryland

The Regimental Boardroom, 11am Thursday 17th September 2020

The painting ‘The 28th at Quatre Bras’ is probably one of the most recognised images of the British Army during the Napoleonic era. In this talk Chris Ryland covers the moment in the battle that the painting seeks to record and then explores the painting itself, the artist Elizabeth Thompson (later Lady Butler), and the significance of both in the History of Art. Some of the material Chris used has kindly been contributed by Ted Gott, Curator at the Melbourne Gallery of Art in Australia where the painting has hung since 1884.

Although there is no charge to stream this virtual talk, we would ask those watching to consider making a donation to the museum, either online or over the telephone: click here to make an online donation.