The Formation of the RGBW

After amalgamation the Regiment underwent a period of intensive training at Catterick in preparation for the busy life of a modern Infantry Regiment. By 1995 they were in Bosnia, then moving to Cyprus where they became the resident Battalion with the United Nations Peacekeeping Force. During this time they posted a Company to the Falkland Islands as part of the Garrison there.

In 1997 they moved to Colchester to act as the Air Mobile Battalion, but life, of course, was not static. During this time, they had a short tour in South Armagh and also posted a Company to Kosovo. This was followed with a two year tour in Northern Ireland at Ballykinler as one of the permanent Battalions in Northern Ireland.

Picture: Inspection by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh, Colonel-in-Chief, and Lieutenant Colonel Davidson-Houston.