A New Guidon for the Hussars

27th May 1962 dawned cold and wet at Badminton, but the Ceremony to present the new Guidon to The Royal Gloucestershire Hussars proceeded with the four Squadron Guards of the Regiment marching onto parade in front of Badminton House. Uncasing the Guidon gave the spectators the first glimpse of the Standard which was emblazoned with the Battle Honours of South Africa and the two World Wars. These Honours had a very personal meaning to the many men who were at Badminton that day. The Guidon was placed on the altar and the Consecration Service was conducted by the Regimental Padre the Reverend E.H. Eynon. After the Service and Presentation the Colonel ordered the Salute of the Guidon which was then trooped with the four squadrons. The old comrades, having fallen in behind it, were inspected by the Duke of Beaufort and they too marched past to the swing of the Regimental March.

The Duke of Beaufort spoke at the ceremony:

“This is the first object of your Standard. It indicates the loyalty of your Regiment to Her Majesty The Queen, on whose behalf I have presented you with this Standard today. The second symbol of a Standard is to perpetuate the deeds carried out by a Regiment and to inspire us with the courage, comradeship, and unselfishness of our predecessors who contributed to Britain’s finest hours.
Picture: The Presentation of the Guidon.